Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm gonna leave this blog.. don't worry if you want to find out more on where i'll be typing, then head out to this blog: Passive Thoughts And Smiles
everything is the same i assure you.. haha cheers bye!

Found Love (no, it is not what you think it is!)

If there is an award for the most laziest person in Benjamin's world, I would have won it ten times already because:
1. It's my world.
2. I frequently uses this lines: "I don't know and I'm lazy"
3. I am stuck in either the bed or the chair. only getting up to find food or switch places.
4. It is still my world..
i guess the title is inappropriate for this post. ohh don't mind me ranting. I am currently very bored and (pause).. lonely (pause).. and bored (pause).. and lonely.. arrgh.. what does finding love got to do with laziness.. (pause) and bored... (pause) and lonely..
anyway i had tons of work to do and yet i am lazy, lazy to think, lazy to start. Is as if i'm waiting for a big miracle to happen like a zombie apocalypse so that i don't have to do a lot of thinking and just find my way to survive.. but yeah.. that is not always the case. In all things there are good and bad. but the worst of all is being neutral. why so? i read it off from my friend's post in facebook the other day and i am taken by it. in a situation where the oppressor is oppressing the oppressed, which side would you pick? cause if you would be neutral, then, congratulations you are the most hated 1 among those 2 because if an elephant is stepping on a mouse tail and you choose to be neutral the mouse won't be grateful towards your action neither does the elephant. True? i leave it to you to decide. seeing the dates since i last post is as expected.. I am going to win an award of being LAZY!! woo hoo!! but of course in Benjamin's world only. anyway back to the topic. I did found love.. i found love in photography as well as programming a little and currently in search of love in travelling.. But all this are for the glory of God and i know i can't make it far if it is by my own hands. I hope i do post a little more here but till that happens God is in control of all things.. cheers!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

i think you guys should watch this.. hahaha :D enjoy..